MAX RM: Coming Soon – Take Control for OSX Workstations…

Today, we’re pleased to announce that we’ll be releasing a keenly awaited update to Take Control: Very soon, you’ll be able to use Take Control to remotely log onto Apple Macs.

It means you can offer clients who are on Macs the same level of remote access support as you can for PCs, taking away a need for costly on-site visits. With Take Control for Mac, you’ll be able to put forward a far stronger Mac proposition when talking to prospects and clients, without the need for special allowances or having to admit to less responsive Mac support.

What’s more, this is just the start – we’re planning a series of Mac enhancements in the months ahead, so stay tuned for future updates.

Take Control for Mac will work just like the Windows version, with the same excellent level of TeamViewer functionality. Use the Take Control ‘Settings’ tree to automatically add Take Control to all Macs under management, then select the device, click the Take Control button, and away you go! Note that the new feature requires a new OSX Agent, v1.3.0, which we’ll be releasing as a Release Candidate (RC) agent.

Some additional points:

  • Take Control for Mac requires the end-point device to be running Mac OSX version 10.7 (Lion) or later.
  • While this is an RC agent release, you’ll be able to mass update your Mac devices using the Agent Auto Update dialog.
  • This update applies to Take Control only, and not the TeamViewer integration.
  • The connection needs to come from a Windows device, this update doesn’t make it possible to use Take Control when accessing the Dashboard from a Mac (i.e. there is no Mac ‘viewer’).
  • Take Control for Mac is currently running TeamViewer v10, we’re looking to update this to TeamViewer v11 soon.

We know many of you have been looking forward to this enhancement, so we’re super excited to bring you this update in the next few days!


Staging release notes:

Summary for Service Release
– Introducing Take Control for Mac
– Dashboard v6.11
– OSX Agent v1.3.0 (RC)

Dashboard v6.11
FEATURE: OSX support for Take Control to remotely access Apple Mac workstations
UPDATE: View the Take Control feature status for Macs on the Summary Tab
UPDATE: Switch TeamViewer installations to Take Control on Macs with “Replace with Take Control” on the Summary Tab
UPDATE: See the Take Control status for OSX Workstations in the north pane
UPDATE: Show Take Control as installed software on the Asset Tab for OSX workstations
UPDATE: Include OSX Take Control sessions in the Take Control Report
UPDATE: Show the Take Control status for Mac devices in the Device Inventory Report

OSX Agent v1.3.0 (RC)
FEATURE: OSX support for Take Control to remotely access Apple Mac workstations

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