MAX RM 6.10.2 is live… Introducing Bare Metal Recovery for Managed Online Backup

We’re currently rolling out the latest Dashboard release with a great set of enhancements to Managed Online Backup. The Americas and Asia Pacific regions have already received the update, Europe and the UK Dashboards will follow later today so that all Dashboards will have the update by December 19th.

In this release we’re adding support for Bare Metal Recovery and access to MAX Backup’s Virtual Drive and Recovery Console tools. The new and extended feature line-up means that with Managed Online Backup, you can now offer clients an end-to-end business continuity service, with full restore capabilities for business critical systems.

To find out more and how to take advantage, click here.

Please remember to refresh your browser following the update, as occasionally browser caching can cause display issues.

Summary for Service Release
– Service release focused on customer support priorities
– Dashboard v6.10.2
– No Agent change

Dashboard v6.10.2
FEATURE: Added support for Bare Metal Recovery and Continuous Restore to Managed Online Backup
FEATURE: Added download links for Bare Metal Recovery, Recovery Console & Virtual Drive tools under Managed Online Backup
FEATURE: Added ability to securely request recovery credentials on the Edit Device dialog for use with Bare Metal Recovery & Recovery Console tools
UPDATE: Added logging to User Audit Report for recovery credential requests for Managed Online Backup
BUGFIX: Resolve sporadic issue to ensure the Take Control Report always shows the session start and end times
BUGFIX: Address an issue whereby some devices stopped receiving Managed Antivirus definition updates
BUGFIX: Correct hung Managed Antivirus Bitdefender scans that appear to be running for days
BUGFIX: No longer prompt user for action on behavioral threats if deselected in Managed Antivirus policy
BUGFIX: Added in language support to password reset

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