MAX RM: Managed Online Backup v15.10 is live (RC)

Below are the release notes for the feature enhancements included in this release, which is currently rolling out and will be available to all customers from December 10th. Some of the territories can already access the new Release Candidate Agent v9.13.4 from the Dashboard.

With the new RC, Managed Online Backup comes with a new Backup Manager, version 15.10, which has many new features, customer enhancements, bug fixes, usability updates and performance improvements.

To find out more, including detailed screenshots of the feature enhancements, click here.

Here are the release notes for today’s update:

Summary for Release
– Service release focused on Managed Online Backup upgrade (RC Agent)
– No Dashboard version update
– New RC Agent v9.13.4, no change to the GA Agent

Agent v9.13.4 RC
UPDATE: Backup Manager for Managed Online Backup updated to version 15.10
UPDATE: New Backup Accelerator significantly reduces backup windows for large files
UPDATE: New Standby Image Backup functionality
UPDATE: Local Speed Vault backups can now complete first then sync to the cloud
UPDATE: Add support for Windows 10 backup and data recovery
UPDATE: Add support for Encrypted File backup and recovery on Windows – Note: a system reboot may be required following recovery of encrypted files
UPDATE: Add support for VMware 6.0 Host-level backup and data recovery
UPDATE: Add support for Transaction Log Management in VMware environments

We’ve introduced transaction log management for Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SQL Server running within a VM when performing a VMware ESX host level backup. Supported versions include ESX 5.x or 6.0 with Microsoft Exchange 2007 and later or Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and later. Note: VMware tools must be installed within the VM.

UPDATE: Add support to select individual virtual disks during Hyper-V backup
UPDATE: Usability improvements for bandwidth throttle settings
UPDATE: Add help throughout the user interface
UPDATE: Reintroduction of backup performance charts
UPDATE: Real-time cloud and LSV synchronization statistics on the Overview tab
UPDATE: Directory Sizes shown in the Backup Manager during file selection
UPDATE: New Standby Image Backup functionality (& Preflight check)
UPDATE: New Virtual Disaster Recovery cloud targets
UPDATE: Add Archive cleanup option to purge selective archives
BETA: Individual File Restore from VMware and Hyper-V host-level backups
BETA: Dynamic Disk Support for Standby Image and Virtual Disaster Recovery
BUGFIX: Solved issue with restoring zero byte files
BUGFIX: File security permissions not restored in some cases

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