MAX ServiceDesk 2.5 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of ServiceDesk 2.5, now available on all installations.

Here is a summary of the new release:-

2.5 includes new Reporting dashboards and improvements to the existing report builder, improved Asset Management features and new Search capabilities.

New Reporting Dashboards

New reporting capabilities in 2.5 include the following graphical and table based reports

‐ Ticket Closure Report

Reporting on tickets closed across a specific date range, can also be displayed by customer or agent.

‐ SLA Breach Report

Report on SLA breaches within ServiceDesk across a set date range, reporting can be limited to a specific customer or staff agent assigned to tickets and also filtered on individual SLA’s and Breach Reasons (root cause).

‐ Tickets by Asset

Reporting based on ticket volume against assets in ServiceDesk, ability to see which assets have the highest number of tickets, also can be filtered by customer or asset site.

‐ Tickets by Customer

Reporting on tickets raised for individual customers, allowing filtering based on date range and ticket status to report on both ticket source, open date and resolution date.

‐ Opportunities Report

Building on the 2.4 Opportunities capabilities you can now report on the amount of sales opportunities that are closed within date ranges and specific sales agents in your ServiceDesk installation.

‐ Staff Agent Activity

Report on response volume and closure rates across your staff agents, or for specific agents.

All of the dashboards above will also support exports to CSV and Excel.

Enhancements to the Report Builder, when running a report for time entries, costs or tickets you now have the ability to customise which columns are included in that report and export.

Asset Enhancements

New features within Assets will allow the setup and management of Asset Warranty or Renewal Reminders – allowing you to easily track reminders for warranty renewals, service agreements,domain renewals etc.

Improved integration with MAX RM, retrieving additional data from MAX RM workstations and servers to allow that information to be available for agents within ServiceDesk.

Improved storage of address information at a ‘Site’ level, updating the location against an asset to location information.


New search technology has been implemented in 2.5 to improve the accuracy and performance of the search capabilities in ServiceDesk, now supporting larger result sets for tickets and responses.

Future enhancements to search using the new technology implemented will provide search across wider entities within ServiceDesk such as time/costs and articles.

Other enhancements and features

‐ New Email Log

Within each installation, there is a new page within the Settings functionality to view the Email Log for your installation. Allowing you to easily reference emails that have been sent and received in your installation and confirm that they have been processed.

‐ New Email Templates

The system emails sent for your installation to customers and agents have been hugely improved to provide a better presented HTML version, for responses to tickets this now includes the prior chain so that you can easily refer to the history of a ticket without logging in.

‐ Invoicing Exports

The invoicing export function for CSV and PDF has been improved to allow one-click invoicing across multiple customers.

‐ Ticket Listings, ability to set a ‘Default View’


Bug Fixes

Issue Type Summary
New Feature Option to disable ability for frontend users to close their own tickets.
Improvement Ticket listing – Default view can be set
Improvement Reporting – SLA Breach Report – Staff agent dropdown
Improvement Under Billing and Invoices> Customer wants a way to organize the information in the customer list for invoicing.
Improvement Avoid loading rarely used modals in all pages
Bug Quickbooks Online – Integration – Company address
Bug Clicking “Send response” multiple times creates multiple responses.
Bug Email Logs – Browser Resize
Bug Contract service items generated with line item of “Default”
Bug Tickets By Asset Report – Error when filtering by customer and site not belonging to customer
Bug Invoicing – Quickbooks description with Ampersand cuts text
Bug Tickets – Error when file size too large
Bug Unable to open schedule in customer instance of ServiceDesk
Bug Greek encoding wrong in body of a ticket
Bug Quickbooks General settings not being applied to the settings when creating invoices
Bug Invoicing – Sales ref remove for PDF/CSV
Bug Time Entry – Default Contract setting
Bug Ticket – Closed Date not showing when closing in RM
Bug First Response check box becomes unchecked in SLA menus
Bug SLA – Change to Notify Administrators
Bug ServiceDesk problem handling incoming E-mails with Czech symbols
Bug When user closes their own ticket, nothing is shown in ticket history
Bug Cannot edit recipient email address on existing tickets
Bug Ticket – New UI – Format of incoming mail
Bug Voice Integration – Invalid characters in Custom Greeting
Bug Ticket Queues – default assignment- should apply on update
Bug Default assignment – not working for RM tickets

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