MAX RM: Service Release – Dashboard v6.9

We’re pleased to confirm that Dashboard v6.9 is rolling out and will be available in all territories from tomorrow, 20th November. This update focuses on customer service priorities and Dashboard performance improvements, the latest in a series of customer updates this month.

Here’s the summary of today’s service release:

Summary for Service Release
– Service release focused on bug fixes and performance enhancements
– Dashboard v6.9
– Agent v9.13.2 RC, Agent v9.12.3 stays GA (no GA Agent change)

Dashboard 6.9
UPDATE: On the Managed Antivirus Protection Policy dialog, show the number of active devices for each policy
UPDATE: Show the timestamp of the latest definitions update in the Managed Antivirus Update Check and in the Managed Antivirus Protection Report (Bitdefender only)
UPDATE: Option to turn Active Discovery on or off via a new Active Discovery section on the Edit Device dialog and Settings dropdown menu
UPDATE: Record when Active Discovery is enabled/disabled in the User Audit Report
UPDATE: Roles and Permissions now distinguishes between Settings and Usage for Active Discovery
BUGFIX: Make the Managed Antivirus installation process more robust to stop it from occasionally getting stuck in installation pending mode
BUGFIX: Ensure Managed Antivirus policies are listed alphabetically in the dropdown menu of the Settings dialog
BUGFIX: Ensure the Managed Antivirus Check does not report the Active Protection status when AV scans are out of date
BUGFIX: Remove a duplicate entry in Roles and Permissions for Active Discovery
BUGFIX: Ensure inactive workstations are correctly removed in accordance with the Dashboard’s Inactive Workstation settings

Agent v9.13.2 RC
BUGFIX: Resolve an issue to ensure edits to the Site Concentrator settings are applied to all devices at that site


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