MAX RM: Service Release – Dashboard v6.8.4

The latest Dashboard update is now live, addressing another set of customer service priorities. We’re continuing our focus on Dashboard performance and customer success, with the next update already lined up and due to go out soon.

Here’s the summary of today’s service release:

Summary for Service Release
– Service release focused on customer support priorities and performance improvements
– Dashboard v6.8.4
– No Agent change

Dashboard v6.8.4
BUGFIX: Ensure the PSA Issues dialog loads for non-classic user roles when clicking the warning triangle top right of the Dashboard
BUGFIX: Ensure PSA tickets are closed in accordance with PSA integration settings when Dashboard checks are cleared
BUGFIX: Ensure Monitoring Templates can be applied to devices that have only feature checks and no monitoring checks
BUGFIX: Ensure the Agent Auto-update dialog updates Windows XP and Server 2003 devices to the latest Agent version

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