MAX RM: Service Release – Dashboard v6.8.3

We’re pleased to confirm that Dashboard v6.8.3 is now live and available in all territories. Following our recent announcement, today’s release is the latest in a series of quick, small Dashboard updates, in which we’re focusing on customer service priorities and performance improvements.

Here’s the summary of today’s service release:

Summary for Service Release
– Service release focused on customer support priorities and performance improvements
– Dashboard v6.8.3
– No Agent change

Dashboard v6.8.3
BUGFIX: Ensure ‘General Settings’ permissions under Roles and Permissions are applied correctly when turned off
BUGFIX: Ensure non-classic user roles can add and edit custom fields in Asset Tracking
BUGFIX: Ensure non-classic user roles can edit server and workstation roles in Asset Tracking
BUGFIX: Ensure non-classic user roles can use the Refresh button in south pane of Asset Tracking
BUGFIX: Correct a sporadic issue to ensure Event Log Checks can be edited using Edit Checks Like This

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