MAX RM: Upcoming Service Release Schedule – A Series of Smaller, More Frequent Updates

We’re planning a series of Dashboard updates in the month ahead, which will focus on customer service priorities, bug fixes and performance improvements. The aim of the updates is to enhance the performance of existing features in order to make day-to-day Dashboard operations work more efficiently and reliably. We’ll also be rolling out a set of system upgrades to lay the groundwork for faster, more real-time monitoring.

The upcoming releases will be smaller and more frequent than those of our standard, bi-weekly release cycle. This allows us to move more quickly through a series of performance enhancements and bug fixes that we want to bring you. These updates will primarily focus on Dashboard improvements – updates to the Monitoring Agent will continue on a bi-weekly release cycle.

We’ll post the release notes for each release on the MAXfocus Status Blog. Please subscribe to automatically receive email notifications of the updates if you haven’t already done so. The first of these releases is due to go out shortly – we’ll update the MAXfocus Status blog accordingly, and continue on from there.

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