MAX RM 6.5 is live … Find devices more quickly with the new Device Search

Below are the release notes for the feature enhancements included in this release, which will be available to you from September 25th.

In this update we’re introducing a brand new device search option, so you can quickly find a particular device or bring up lists of related servers and workstations. For example, turn on the new Operating System column to search for devices that share a particular OS, then multi-select the ones you want to perform bulk actions on – add checks and tasks via a Monitoring Template, schedule a reboot, perform a MAV scan, run a task, etc.

In the coming days we’ll also be releasing an updated Release Candidate Agent that will check back into the Dashboard much more quickly after devices start up. It means the Last Response time in the Dashboard will update when the Agent service starts, instead of waiting on on the next check cycle, giving you a more accurate and real-time picture of the status of a device.

The new Release Candidate Agent is going through a final review and isn’t included in today’s release. We’ll update the Dashboard with the new RC agent as soon as it’s ready.

To find out more, including detailed screenshots of the feature enhancements, click here.

Please remember to refresh your browser following the update, as occasionally browser caching can cause display issues. To apply templates with Tasks to devices requires Agent v9.12 RC.

Summary for Service Release
– Service release focused on new features, bug fixes and performance
– Dashboard v6.5
– No Agent change

Dashboard 6.5
FEATURE: A new device search for servers and workstations
UPDATE: Update on the ‘More information’ dialog for just-edited Checks to show new warning message, replacing the previous warning message and the last check info
BUGFIX: Ensure the Client Monthly report shows the correct chart labels
BUGFIX: Ensure edited notes are only visible on the devices they apply to
BUGFIX: Resolve edge case to ensure that a failed check shows the correct failed check status in the North Pane
BUGFIX: Ensure the north pane columns resize correctly
BUGFIX: Remove unnecessary scrollbar in IE in the south pane
BUGFIX: Ensure the Client Monthly Reports can be re-generated
BUGFIX: Ensure saving the MAV BD policy doesn’t alter scan times for non-standard time zones (time zones that are offset by 30 minutes)
BUGFIX: Allow commas to be used in Bitdefender exclusions
BUGFIX: Extend MAV download time for slow networks
BUGFIX: Correct an issue where MAV Bitdefender installations and definition updates are being blocked by an IE Proxy connection, resulting in an error that the action was refused by
BUGFIX:  Correct devices from scanning after startup if Run Missed Scans after Startup is unchecked
BUGFIX: Ensure Active Protection is on if custom file extensions are selected but no custom extensions have been added by the user

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