MAX RM: Some Automated Tasks not showing following Dashboard v6.4 Release – UPDATE

Further to the previous notice, we have been able to restore the majority of Automated Tasks so that they now show on the Tasks Tab again in the Dashboard. A minority of Tasks do not yet show and we are continuing efforts to bring those back as well.

We believe the issue stemmed from Tasks that at one stage had been ‘Site Managed’ but were subsequently ‘un-managed’. Those Tasks retained a particular system ID that during the upgrade process of the release caused the configuration of those Tasks to be lost.

Where devices were affected by this, there was a spill-over effect on other Tasks so that they too did not show, leading to a blank Task tab. We have now rectified this spill-over effect and most Tasks show correctly again.

We’ll be working over the next days to reinstate the remainder of the Tasks. As soon as we have confirmation they’re showing again we will let you know.


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