MAX RM 6.4 is live …. Add Tasks with Monitoring Templates and run them on demand

Below are the release notes for the feature enhancements included in this release, which will be available to you from September 10th.

We’re pleased to announce that you can now use Automated Tasks with Monitoring Templates and run Tasks straight away, so it’s much easier to run scripts and maintenance updates on devices across clients and sites. The Monitoring Templates can save you time and effort, drive standardisation and improve automation with greater operational oversight, thanks to the centralised management of best-practice Check and Task templates.

We also have an improvement to the “Offline mode” setting for Servers in this update, so you can set a more accurate alert in the event a server doesn’t come back online.

And last but not least, two more reports have been given the UI makeover: The Automated Tasks Report along with the Active Directory Users Report, with both now offering CSV export of the data.

To find out more, including detailed screenshots of the feature enhancements, click here.

Please remember to refresh your browser following the update, as occasionally browser caching can cause display issues. To apply templates with Tasks to devices requires Agent v9.12 RC.

Summary for Service Release:
– Service release focused on new features, bug fixes and performance
– Dashboard v6.4
– Agent v9.10.2 GA, Agent v9.12 RC

Dashboard v6.4
FEATURE: Use Automated Tasks in Monitoring Templates to add Tasks to Clients, Sites and Devices
FEATURE: Run a Task on demand in near real time at client, site and device level
UPDATE: A Task that is run on demand will be queued for offline devices and performed when the device comes online
UPDATE: Tasks now require a descriptive name to help distinguish between Tasks of the same type that have different settings
UPDATE: The Site Automated Tasks tab is removed for Workstations, effectively replaced with Tasks in Monitoring Templates
UPDATE: The Upgrade From Asset Tracking option was removed and it can now be done with Apply Monitoring Template
UPDATE: Server Offline mode now lets you set a maximum offline duration after which it will alert if the server has not come back online
UPDATE: New UI design for the Automated Tasks Report with CSV export and Print function
UPDATE: New UI design for the Active Directory Users Report with CSV export and Print function
UPDATE: Addition of print function to Managed AV Threat Report
UPDATE: Printed Reports to show filter values
BUGFIX: Resolve Wall Chart Dialogue issues
BUGFIX: Fix hex formatting issues with Server Client daily report
BUGFIX: Resolve translation issues on Device Inventory report
BUGFIX: Address issue with script parameter handling when new version of script added
BUGFIX: Add engine descriptions next to check so you know which is which in alert routing
BUGFIX: Ensure MAV entries in User Audit Report have complete information
BUGFIX: Resolved formatting issues in the Columns Tab of the MAV Quarantine Report
BUGFIX: In the user audit report, prevent from setting a “from date” greater than the “to date”
BUGFIX: Resolve Report Print formatting issues when viewed in Firefox
BUGFIX: Ensure the Client reports parse #CLIENT# variable correctly
BUGFIX: Ensure the columns tab in Device Inventory shows the correct icons for Antivirus Update Check and for the Vipre MAV installs
BUGFIX: Ensure the arrow button to collapse the Device Inventory Report shows in small browser windows
BUGFIX: Ensure the table header on the reports is left aligned on the print view

Agent v9.12.0 RC
FEATURE: Use Automated Tasks in Monitoring Templates to add Tasks to Clients, Sites and Devices
UPDATE: Near real-time processing on Run Task commands in the Dashboard
BUGFIX: Ensure Windows 10 reports as such and not as Windows 8.1 in the Dashboard

Agent v9.10.2 GA
Includes all the updates since the current production Agent

UPDATE: Add support for Symantec Backup Exec 2014 and 2015 in Backup Check
BUGFIX: Show detailed error when Bitdefender install fails due to missing Windows patches (previously showed “Pending”)
BUGFIX: Corrected issue in installer related to temp files named “Program” or “Advanced” when installing MAV or Active Discovery

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