Coming Soon: MAX RM v6.2 – A makeover for Dashboard and Client Reports

We’re excited to bring you the first in a series of updates to the Dashboard Reports. We’ve already given the Device Inventory Report and the Managed Antivirus reports a bit of a makeover, and now it’s the turn of Client Reports, the User Audit Report and the Check Clearing Report.

The new reporting format makes it easier to filter the clients, sites and devices you want to report on. We’ve also added CSV Export and Print options to each of the reports, so you can export the data for deeper analysis and print the reports for sharing and presentations.

And as usual, we’re already busy with the next set of updates for the Automated Tasks Report, Active Directory Users Report and the three Managed Online Backup Reports. The rest will follow soon after.

All the details…
Here’s a quick run-through of the reporting update:

  1. Here are the reports that have had the makeover so far (1)reports 1
  1. The Client Reports for Servers and Workstations now have a new, more current and professional looking design to help you demonstrate business value to your clients that instils confidence in your brand and services (2)(3)reports 8
    reports 9

reports 10

  1. The User Audit Report now has easier filtering, CSV Export, and a Print option as part of the design update (4). As with all reports you can show and hide any of the columns.reports 4
  1. Same goes for the Check Clearing Report, here’s how it now looks (5)reports 5
  1. The Managed Antivirus reports and the Device Inventory Report already sported the new look – in this update they gain the Print and CSV Export options in keeping with the rest (6)(7)reports 6 reports 7

We’re excited to bring you this latest round of enhancements to the reports. Reporting is of course a key part of any MSP’s business and we very much hope that these improvements help you deliver a best-in-class service to your clients. We’re always keen for your feedback, please let us know what you like about the new reports and areas for further improvement so we can make them even better!

And finally…
The staging release notes are listed below.

Please note that staging release notes are subject to change. Final release notes will go out with the release.

Summary for Service Release
– Service release focused on new features, bug fixes and performance
– Dashboard v6.2
– Agent v9.8.13 GA (no change), Agent v9.10.1 RC

Dashboard v6.2
UPDATE: New UI design for the Client Daily and Weekly Reports for Servers
UPDATE: New UI design for the Client Daily and Weekly Reports for Workstations
UPDATE: New UI design and more efficient formatting for the Client Monthly Report
UPDATE: New UI design for the User Audit Report with Print and CSV Export
UPDATE: New UI design for the Check Clearing Report with Print and CSV Export
UPDATE: CSV Export and Print options added to recently updated Device Inventory Report
UPDATE: CSV Export added to all recently updated Managed Antivirus Reports, Print option added to MAV Protection report and the MAV Quarantine Report. Print option for Threat report to follow in the next release
UPDATE: All updated reports are now Client Group aware and only show clients in accordance with a user’s Client Group
UPDATE: A new Restore Template option on the email templates for Client Reports
UPDATE: MAV Foce Installatiorn link added to Summary tab when competitive AV product initially found. Please note it is best to uninstall competing antivirus products before installing MAV Bitdefender.
UPDATE: Active Discovery duplicate networks will be combined for accounts
UPDATE: Active Discovery passwords masked to only show on new edits
BUGFIX: Ensure the “Do not fail check, report only” setting on Performance Monitoring Checks is adhered to
BUGFIX: Ensure Avira check passes when its AV definitions are up to date
BUGFIX: Ensure the System Tray Application shows in System Tray consistently
BUGFIX: Ensure Wall Chart loads consistently
BUGFIX: Ensure the “Do not fail check, report only” setting on Performance Monitoring Checks is adhered to
BUGFIX: Fix loading issue for the MAV Settings dialog
BUGFIX: Dashboard shows Active after successful Bitdefender install – previously could see it change back to “Not Compatible” if Vipre traces were later found
BUGFIX:  Update Quarantine Counts in MAV check when quarantine action was later taken by user
BUGFIX:  Added last Quick Scan and last Deep Scan dates into MAV Protection Report
BUGFIX:  Ensure Bitdefender policies are disposed of and not building in cache

Agent v9.10.1 RC
UPDATE: Updated TeamViewer Agent to the latest version
BUGFIX: Fix issue where disconnecting Take Control session could leave Desktop Wallpaper blank
BUGFIX: Resolve error message with Take Control
BUGFIX: Advanced Vipre removal for MAV Bitdefender migration

Agent v9.8.13 GA – No change

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