MAX ServiceDesk v2.3 is live: Enhanced customer management and the new roles and permissions

We’re pleased to announce the release of MAX ServiceDesk v2.3. This release includes some key enhancements to customer management as well as the first phase of Roles and Permissions. There are also a number of other small enhancements and fixes based on feedback from the release of v2.2.

MAX ServiceDesk v2.3 was released overnight on the Wednesday August 5.

It’s important to note that as part of this release, access to the old UI will be disabled by default, customers attempting to navigate to the old UI will be advised that it needs to be enabled within settings. This is due to the fact that logging into the old UI will bypass any roles and permissions for agents with limited access that are applied with the new capabilities. In v 2.4 we aim to remove access to the old UI completely as it is no longer being developed.

All the details…

Roles and Permissions – PHASE 1
Roles and Permissions in v2.3 allow you to setup greater controls over staff and agent access within ServiceDesk, creating any number of roles that have defined access to functional areas and ticket queues.


Key functionality includes the ability to create roles within ServiceDesk, each role can have:

  • Functional permissions: allowing you to manage access to customers, tickets and scheduling, knowledge base, reports, and settings
  • An admin role, which allows all functional and queue access
  • Ticket queues, enabling you to specify access to ticket queues for that role
  • Start page selection, which allows you to define the landing page after logging in

Customer Enhancements – PHASE 1
In v2.3, the customer capabilities have been enhanced to allow MSPs to track the status of customers within the system – visibility and management of active customers vs prospects, for example – assign a customer rep, and more.

Functionality includes:

  • Ability to set the state of a customer to active, prospect, expired or suspended
  • New filtering and column display on the customer overview page
  • Customer search capabilities
  • Set an Account Rep against each customer
  • Set an External Reference against a customer which is then used in exports
  • When viewing a ticket, the customer status will show next to the customer
  • Customer and user contacts are accessible from within the customer’s display

And finally…
Updated documentation is available from within the help menu of each installation.

Features roundup

Customer Enhancements (see above)

Roles and Permissions (see above)

 General enhancements

  • Improved email retrieval, notification if there are continued connection or authentication failures retrieving remote emails
  • ServiceDesk Voice enabled for Denmark and Belgium
  • Closed Date being tracked on tickets


  • QuickBooks sales reference on cost and inventory
  • SMS notification field added for Agent Profile pages, when ServiceDesk Voice is enabled
  • Time entry display, ability to expand long descriptions in the View Ticket page
  • Ticket tags available on View Ticket page
  • Fixed the UI persisting state on edit for SLA, contract edit
  • Deletion of a customer and associated users within the UI
  • Display supported tags on the email templates management page
  • Prevent RM linked agents modifying email/password
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