MAX RM v6.0 is live… Learn more about Active Discovery


The latest release of MAX RM features a preview of a brand new feature – Active Discovery. This new addition to the MAX RM platform will enable you to scan and monitor your customers’ networks to see the active devices that are connected. You can monitor both wired and wireless networks, add network credentials to increase results, see detailed information for each device, and export the data to CSV. This is the first step towards us helping you discover those devices, and to charge accordingly. Below are the notes for the features and enhancements included in this release, which will be available to you from July 1st.

To get more details on how it can help your business, click here.

Please remember to refresh your browser following the update, as occasionally browser caching can cause display issues. 

Release Notes

Summary for Service Release
– Service release focused on new features, bug fixes and performance
– Dashboard v6.0
– Agent v9.8.13 GA, Agent v9.9.0 RC

Dashboard v6.0
FEATURE: New User Roles and Permissions for customised Dashboard user accounts
FEATURE: New client login option with ability to customise the client’s Dashboard access
FEATURE: Introducing Networks tab for discovering connected devices on client networks

Known Issue: Non-English text in Active Discovery overruns allotted space in some areas of the UI. We expect to resolve this in our next release.

Agent v9.9.0 RC
FEATURE: Introducing Networks tab for discovering connected devices on client networks

Agent v9.8.13 GA
Includes all the updates since the current production Agent v9.8.9

Agent v9.8.10 RC
UPDATE: GFI MAX Backup check renamed to MAX Backup check
BUGFIX: Ensure deselected Plugins for Managed Online Backup are correctly removed from the list of billable MOB files
BUGFIX: Ensure script checks can be tested during agent installation using the Test Check function

Agent v9.8.11 RC
UPDATE: Apply Monitoring Templates at client and site level
UPDATE: Apply multiple Monitoring Templates simultaneously to the selected devices
BUGFIX: Ensure Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 is detected correctly
BUGFIX: Ensure Take Control sessions consistently display the computer name that’s been connected to

Agent 9.8.12 RC
UPDATE: Performance improvement to the Site Concentrator feature  NB: This update was withdrawn and is not included in v9.8.13 GA

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