MAXfocus RM – UK Instance – new SSL certificates

As we strive to maintain secure communication between the Agent and our infrastructure, we will be retiring some SSL certificates on upload servers. These will be replaced by wildcard/UC certificates (* already used elsewhere.

We do not anticipate general problems. However, under some circumstances, Agents running on Windows 2000 (client) and Windows Server 2003 that do not have “Update for Root Certificates for Windows” installed in a version 2007 or newer may be affected. If this is the case it will cause these Agents to show as overdue, and you will need to perform “Update for Root Certificates for Windows” process on Windows before continuing.

The update is available via Windows Update as well as our own Patch Management feature. Support will be able to assist you if you do experience any problems, but most users will not have to change anything.

We will inform customers prior to retiring the certificates by sending an updated notification on status page (this work is scheduled on 2015/06/16).

* (UK) – upload servers

This process has already been successfully managed across a number of others territories:

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