Coming Soon: MAX RM – App Control Service Release 1.41

We would like to notify you of an upcoming release for MAX RM App Control.  We will be releasing version 1.41 on April 2, 2015.  Please see the updates listed below.

New Functionality:

  • Alerts displayed in the South Pane Notifications tab can now be resolved individually or in bulk with “Resolve All Notifications”. Resolved notifications can be displayed again by selecting “Show Resolved Notifications”.
  • Office 365 Mailbox Forwarding settings are now available in the Edit User dialog.
  • Additional columns were added to the Users tab so that important information is more visible and users are easier to manage. These include Mailbox Usage, Size to Quota, and Mailbox Permissions columns, with easier insight as to whether a user is licensed, an admin, or in a suspended state.
  • Organization Tree User Node roles have been simplified. Admins are now represented by “Admin” rather than displaying Admin:  True|False.
  • The alert indicator on the Organization Tree has been enhanced to provide more detailed information about alerts upon hover. Users can now see the alert detail in addition to the alert type counts.


Defect fixes:

  • Corrected an issue where search results were being applied across Clients. This has been addressed so that the search results are cleared when switching between clients.
  • Fixed an issue where domain level BindDN settings from MAX Mail were only being applied if configured at the Organizational level of the account. Both the domain level settings and organization settings are now applied during the ADSync function from MAX RM.
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