Coming Soon: MAX RM – App Control v1.39 – Notice for Google Apps customers

We wish to announce an upcoming release of App Control scheduled for March 5, 2015. Customers that have linked a Google Apps account to App Control will notice that the product will request a quick, one-time update to the service. This release will also include feature enhancements for all our supported cloud mail services (Office 365, Google Apps and the MAX Mail service).  Please read on for a full list of planned updates.

New Functionality: 

  • Support for multiple domains in Google Apps
  • Notifications Tab
    • Notifications are ordered by the date they were modified rather than originally posted.
    • Notifications may be filtered by date.
  • Organisation Tab/Tree Improvements
    • The Organisation Tree has some cosmetic changes to make it easy to see and manage each element of the tree.  Long values in the tree are also displayed more effectively.
    • When a notification is present in the Organisation Tree, the Node (domain, user) no longer changes color which caused confusion. The notification will appear as a number above the node, and clicking on the number will open the Info dialog to the Alerts tab.  You may also hover over the notification to see the severity of the notification.
  • User Table Improvements
    • User Info Dialog can be opened from the Users Tab.
    • User may be edited from the Users Tab.
    • User may be deleted from the User Table.
    • If there is a notification about a user, a notification will appear in the user row.
    • Column configure menu allows select or deselect all.
  • Mailbox History Tab
    • The Mailbox History chart legend is updated to easily identify user activity and inactivity.
    • User mailboxes listed in the table below the Mailbox History chart indicates the growth of the mailbox, which has been reformatted as a percentage growth during the date range selected.
  • The top of each tab is modified to reduce clutter and make the user actions in the top right of the interface more visible.

Defect Fixes:

  • Office365 AD Sync Creates Duplicate Organizations (fixed)
  • On Users Tab, Configure Columns dialog can’t be closed easily when South Pane is not expanded  (fixed)
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