MAX RM v5.56 is live – all fixes, updates and features since Agent v9.8.1 now generally available

We have a small but useful MAX RM Dashboard release going out overnight. The update will turn the current release candidate agent, Agent v9.8.5, into the Generally Available agent, and make it available for auto-update so you can roll it out across devices.

This means you can take advantage of all the new features, updates and bug fixes since Agent v9.8.1.

Summary for Service Release

  • Service Release focused on performance and agent update
  • Dashboard v5.56 (systems release)
  • Agent v9.8.5 GA, replacing v9.8.1 as the production agent

Agent v9.8.5 GA
Includes all the updates since the current production Agent v9.8.1:

Agent v9.8.5 (RC)

  • BUGFIX: Fix an issue with “Upgrade from Asset Tracking” so that custom templates are pushed correctly

Agent v9.8.4 (RC)

  • UPDATE: Add support for Norman Endpoint Protection v11 in AV Check
  • BUGFIX: Resolve intermittent issue whereby Take Control would not install on a device

Agent v9.8.3 (RC)

  • UPDATE: Update Agent to use web service for authenticating agent login to facilitate user passcode reset
  • BUGFIX: Ensure new Site Concentrator (RC) handles Managed Antivirus updated definitions correctly
  • BUGFIX: Ensure new Site Concentrator (RC) handles Patch Management updates correctly

Agent v9.8.2 (RC)

  • UPDATE: Introducing a new and more robust Site Concentrator feature that replaces the previous version
  • UPDATE:  Allow the Site Concentrator to listen on a custom port
  • BUGFIX: Ensure the Site Concentrator purges the cache correctly
  • BUGFIX: Correct an issue blocking the Site Concentrator from writing to a custom path
  • BUGFIX: Resolve a MAX Backup check issue
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