MAX RM App Control Release 1.32

Dear customers,

We are pleased to announce that MAX RM App Control release 1.32 is now available. Please read on for a complete list of the new updates.

Kind regards,

The MAXfocus team

General improvements:

  • Customers that manage more than one service in App Control (for example, Office 365 and MAX Mail), now will have a better experience removing one or all services. When selecting Delete Service from MAX RemoteManagement, a dialog is presented allowing users to select the service to be deleted.

Office 365 enhancements:

  • Clients with the Office 365 service can now leverage full AD Sync functionality in MAX RemoteManagement, leveraging LDAP. This includes the ability to bulk load information for creating domains and organizations, and creating, updating, and deleting users.

MAX Mail service enhancements:

  • When editing the domain, clicking on Advanced Settings will take the user directly to that specific domain in the MAX Mail control panel.

Defect fixes:

  • For the MAX Mail service, clicking on Advanced Setting links at the Account level returns and error in Chrome and Firefox – FIXED
  • For the MAX Mail service, user digest settings being overwritten by AD Sync – FIXED
  • For the MAX Mail service, Domain properties are not being correctly inherited from Account – FIXED
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