MAX RemoteManagement – Dashboard v5.51.1, Agent v9.8.1 RC Release

Dear Customers,

We’re pleased to announce that Dashboard v5.51.1 and Agent v9.8.1 RC are being released overnight, so that they’ll be available in advance of the working day tomorrow, 6th of November. This is a routine service release focused on feature updates and bug fixes. Please see below for the full release notes. 

With Kind Regards,
The MAXfocus Team


Summary for Service Release, Wednesday 5th Nov 2014:

  • Service release focused on feature updates and bug fixes
  • Dashboard v5.51.1
  • Agent v9.8.1 RC

Dashboard v5.51.1

UPDATE: CART definition update to version 649
UPDATE: Ensure the Asset Tracking page opens in a new browser tab instead of a browser popup window
UPDATE: Remove communication error message from Dashboard UI when it’s not accompanied by an error code
BUGFIX: Ensure the Managed Antivirus Scan tab updates correctly with the device’s scan data
BUGFIX: Ensure Dashboard logins from the MAXfocus website are not unduly subject to a delay mechanism
BUGFIX: Ensure you can add the File System Space Change Check via “Add Multiple Checks” to OSX devices
BUGFIX: Correct an issue whereby the Remote Worker installation process did not register an agent on an end-point device
BUGFIX: Ensure the email alerts columns can be hidden from Dashboard view when the alerts option is disabled in AutoTask PSA settings
BUGFIX: Ensure Notes show the most recent note on top after adding a new note

Agent v9.8.1 RC

UPDATE: Add support for “VIPRE Business 7.0″ to Antivirus update check

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