MAV false positive (resolved, resolution action)

Dear customers,

We are aware of recent definitions updates 34388 and 34390 giving some false positives under the threat caregory lookslike.win32.kuloz.a!ag for a few customers on specific applications. The definitions team has been notified and confirmed the issue. The fix will be rolled out in the next few hours as soon at it becomes available.

Update 15:15 UTC: Definitions 34400 will fix this issue. However customers may need to carry out the following manual steps to resolve immediately:

  • Right Click the Affected device
  • Select Managed Antivirus
  • Select Update Threat Definitions

This will send the remote command to update the device, which you can then allow for a few minutes to process. Once this has been carried out you can then release the false positive threats from the Quarantine tab in the Dashboard these items will not be re-quarantined.

With kind regards,
The MAXfocus team

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