Coming Soon – MAX RM Release Dashboard v5.51, Agent v9.7.2 GA

Dear Customers,

We’re pleased to share provisional release details in advance of the next MAX RemoteManagement release, Dashboard v5.51, in which Agent v9.7.2 is to replace Agent v9.6.1 as the production agent and become available for auto-update.

In this release we are updating Managed Online Backup to use the latest MAX Backup version, allowing us to introduce several key enhancements to the Managed Online Backup service.  Please see below and the Quick Start Guide for details.

In addition, we’re continuing to work on Dashboard UI improvements, including a fix in this release to ensure access to Usage Reports, with more items currently passing through QA. We’re planning a next release to follow on shortly from this one and will let you know as soon as we have finalised release details. 

Summary for Feature Release:

  • Feature release focused on Managed Online Backup upgrade
  • Dashboard v5.51
  • Agent v9.7.2 GA, Agent v9.8.0 RC
  • Dashboard UI adjustments and bug fixes ongoing and to release soon after

Dashboard v5.51

  • FEATURE: Virtual Disaster Recovery (VDR) from physical to virtual and virtual to virtual, restoring in Hyper-V or VMware in Managed Online Backup
  • FEATURE: Store Archive versions of Backup files beyond the standard 28 day retention limit in Managed Online Backup
  • FEATURE: Support for Microsoft Hyper-V in Managed Online Backup
  • FEATURE: Support MySQL in Managed Online Backup
  • FEATURE: A new Mail Traffic Report in App Control for MAX Mail and Office 365 showing inbound and outbound mail traffic data
  • UPDATE: Managed Online Backup updated to latest version of MAX Backup v14.1 / IASO 2014 v14.1
  • UPDATE: A new HTML-based Backup Manager for Managed Online Backup with improved UI
  • UPDATE: Launch the new Backup Manager from the Dashboard to connect to end-point devices without the need for local installs of Backup Manager
  • BUGFIX: Ensure the Usage Report is available to Distributor customers

Agent v9.8.0 (RC)

  • UPDATE: Managed Online Backup updated to latest version of MAX Backup v14.1 / IASO 2014 v14.1
  • BUGFIX: Ensure the Vulnerability Scan runs in accordance with Patch Management policy settings

Agent v9.7.2 General Availability (GA)
Includes all the updates since the current production Agent v9.6.1:

                Agent v9.7.2 (RC)

  • FEATURE: Failed Login Check, renamed from the Hacker Check, now with aggregated event details

                Agent v9.7.1 (RC)

  • UPDATE: Support IASO 2014 / MAX Backup version 14 in the Backup Check
  • UPDATE: Add support for Kaspersky Anti-Virus version
  • BUGFIX: Ensure the correct detection of Yosemite Server Backup

                Agent 9.7.0 (RC)

  • UPDATE: Update Take Control to TeamViewer 9.0.29327
  • BUGFIX: Ensure Take Control session information is generated for Take Control Report
  • BUGFIX: Correctly handle unexpected registry values when running Backup check for Acronis Backup & Recovery
  • BUGFIX: Ensure correct operation of Backup check for Symantec Backup Exec when certain registry keys are empty
  • BUGFIX: Ensure Backup check supports latest version of GFI MAX Backup
  • BUGFIX: Correctly handle redirection of system paths on 64 bit versions of Windows in File Size check
  • BUGFIX: Ensure Antivirus update check supports Engine B in Business version of G Data 2014

                Agent v9.6.1 (RC)

  • BUGFIX: Ensure AVG 2013 64 bit version is detected correctly in the Antivirus update check
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