MAX RemoteManagement – Dashboard v5.50.1 Service Release

Dear Customers,

We’re pleased to announce that Dashboard v5.50.1 is being released overnight, so that it will be available in advance of the working day tomorrow, 23rd of October. This is a relatively minor service release in which we’re making a few adjustments to the user interface based on customer feedback, following the release of the new Dashboard UI a couple of weeks ago.

From tomorrow the Dashboard will again pre-select the top device in the north pane, and it will also automatically refresh the client tree and the north pane when making changes to the south pane, so that information across the different panels is always in sync. Failed Patches will appear back at the top of the Patch tab, and we’ve resolved an issue on the Antivirus Quarantine page so that you can multi-select items again.

We’d also like to take this opportunity to make you aware that we’ll be updating the default email addresses for alerts in the MAX RM Dashboard to use the new MAXfocus company email domain, For example, will become To ensure there is no interruption in communications you may wish to add the and the domains to your email whitelist in the coming days, before we start the switch. You can of course also customise the system to send alerts from your own email address via the Mail Templates feature.

The full release notes for Dashboard v5.50.1 are below.

With Kind Regards,

Product Manager @ MAXfocus


Summary for Service Release, Wednesday 22 October 2014:

  • Service release focused on Dashboard UI improvements
  • Dashboard v5.50.1
  • No agent update

Dashboard v5.50.1

UPDATE: CART Definitions updated to version 645
UPDATE: Automatically refresh the client tree and North Pane when making changes in the South Pane
UPDATE: Ensure first item in the north pane grid is automatically selected on load
UPDATE: Ensure dashboard sessions do not time out and data is periodically refreshed
BUGFIX: Allow multi-select of items on the MAV Quarantine Tab
BUGFIX: Ensure “Failed” patches are displayed at the top of the patch tab on the South Pane

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