MAX RM – Dashboard Session Time Out Issue – Update

Dear Customers,

We have made an adjustment to alleviate a session time-out issue, so that users are less likely to run into the time-out limit in the Dashboard. This was causing a usability problem because it currently does not explicitly inform you that the session has timed out. Instead it may give a server connectivity error message, or the timer icon may just keep on spinning. This scenario has occurred as the result of a change we made at the start of the week to address a traffic load issue following the release of Dashboard v5.50.

To address this fully we have a feature in the works that allows you to control the length of the session timeout, which will also present a popup window, warning you the session is about to time out. You can then click a link to continue or if you miss the countdown it will take you to the login screen.

Our apologies for any confusion around the current session time-out behaviour, we hope the update we made a short while ago will significantly reduce the usability issue and any resulting confusion, while we continue work on the full session timeout feature.

With kind regards,
The GFI MAX Team

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