GFI MAX RemoteManagement – Dashboard v5.44.3 & Agent v9.7.1 (RC) Release

Hi Everyone,

I’m pleased to announce that Dashboard v5.44.3 and Agent v9.7.1 (RC) are being released overnight, so that it will be available in advance of the working day tomorrow, Friday 8th of August. This is a routine Service Release mostly focused on minor feature enhancements and bug fixes, but does include support for 160 new SNMP Checks, Kaspersky and IASO Backup version 14.

Full release notes for Dashboard v5.44.3 are below.

Summary for Service Release, Thursday 8th August 2014:

  • Service Release focused on systems performance, minor feature updates and bug fixes
  • Dashboard v5.44.3
  • Agent v9.7.1 (RC)

Dashboard v5.44.3

  • UPDATE: Over 160 new SNMP Checks for vendors including Cyberoam Security Appliances, HP (LeftHand – StoreVirtual | WATCHGUARD) and Net-App
  • BUGFIX: Ensure inactive PAK user without API key does not prevent Service Desk Integration from completing
  • BUGFIX: Make sure the ‘List Outages’ API returns the correct outage first line
  • BUGFIX: Ensure Windows services with dependencies restart successfully
  • BUGFIX: Ensure an appropriate message is displayed during login when 2FA is enabled and the account is suspended or dashboard access is disabled
  • BUGFIX: Make sure User Logouts are recorded in the Audit Log
  • BUGFIX: Ensure the ‘MDM – Location History Report’ time columns represent accurately their values
  • BUGFIX: Ensure the Monthly Report / Disk Drive Growth section is populated for all devices
  • BUGFIX: Ensure the Notes Report times use the applicable time-zone

Agent v9.7.1 (Release Candidate)

  • UPDATE: Support IASO backup version 14 in the Backup Check
  • UPDATE: Add support for Kaspersky Anti-Virus version
  • BUGFIX: Ensure the correct detection of Yosemite Server Backup




Software Development Team Lead @ GFI MAX

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