GFI MAX RemoteManagement – Feature Release Update – MDM Windows Phone 8.1 Customer Preview

Hi All,

I’m very pleased to announce that we will shortly be releasing a substantial update to our Mobile Device Management (MDM) offering: From next week, we’ll be introducing MDM support for Windows Phone 8.1 in the MAX RM Dashboard as release candidate, along with MDM reporting and Android enhancements.

8.1 is Microsoft’s latest OS update, currently available as a developer preview, for the increasingly popular Windows Phone, and we believe we’re amongst the first RMM vendors to offer you the ability to manage and secure your clients’ mobile devices for ‘the big three’: iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

In addition to Windows Phone support, we’ll be adding a trio of MDM reports and associated API calls, covering device inventory, location history, and data usage. You’ll also be able to set WiFi access and provision passcode settings for Android devices.

We’re releasing Windows Phone 8.1 as release candidate (RC) while Microsoft’s 8.1 update is in developer preview mode, with the intention of making Windows Phone 8.1 generally available (GA) once Microsoft rolls out its update to consumer handsets, expected later this summer. This gives customers and ourselves the best opportunity to test and review Microsoft’s latest operating system. Because of the very substantial MDM enhancements available in Windows Phone 8.1, and because of the rapid uptake expected upon rollout, we have decided to support 8.1 only and will be skipping 8.0 – please note that current Windows Phones not running the 8.1 developer preview are not compatible with our MDM service.

I’d like to take this opportunity to remind you also that on July 1st Web Protection becomes a generally available feature. Agent v9.6.1 will turn GA and be made available for auto-update, allowing you to roll out Web Protection across clients via the Settings dialog.

As usual, we’ll update you at the time of the release with full release notes.

Best Regards,

Product Manager @ GFI MAX

PS: Next week’s update includes the increased character limit for Web Protection’s “Block Message” that a number of customers asked after.

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