GFI MAX Backup version 14.0 is Now Available

The GFI MAX Backup Team is please to notify you that the new version of  GFI MAX Backup  (Backup Manager and Cloud Management Console) are now available on the downloads page of

Here are the accompanying release notes.

GFI MAX Backup version 14 introduces more intuitive technology designed to make our customers lives even easier.  The main enhancements include:

  • Client Discovery & Remote Deployment – Previously a cumbersome task that required MSPs to manually access each of their customers’ systems to deploy the backup client, MAX Backup customers can now deploy the Windows client on a single machine on their customer’s network and then automate the discovery of the remaining systems present in the organization, choosing which they would like to deploy software on and include in regular backup processes.
  • Easy VM Restore – Simplified restore capabilities for VMware now preserves VM system configurations during backup, enabling a direct restore to an existing or alternate VMware host without the need to manually configure the target virtual machine and volumes beforehand. This significantly improves usability and recoverability for VMware backups by eliminating the manual steps previously required.
  • Skip Files During Restore – Customers now have the option to skip or ignore processing files that are already present during a file system, network share, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft SharePoint or Microsoft Hyper-V restore, significantly increasing restore performance.
  • Multi-threaded Restore – Multi-threaded restore enables parallel processing during restore operations and improves performance when sufficient bandwidth and system resources exist.
  • HTML-Based Backup Manager – A new HTML-based backup client that maintains existing functionality while providing improved usability and simplified branding capabilities.



The client auto-update service will take effect on June 17th, at which time prior versions of the GFI MAX Backup Manager clients for Windows and MAC OS X will begin updating themselves automatically.

Partner utilizing the custom branding feature should use the new version 14 Cloud Management Console to update their branding for the new HTML based Backup Manager prior to deploying the new version 14 Backup Manager client otherwise the Backup Manager will be presented with the default GFI brand.

All prior branded 13.x versions of the Backup Manager will continue to maintain their custom brands.

If you have been unable to update your Custom Branding files prior to the scheduled auto-update on June 17, 2014 then you may wish to consider standardizing your end-customers on a prior release of the GFI MAX Backup Manager client until you can do this. This can be done by setting theMAXAllowedVersion in the GFI MAX Backup Cloud Management Console to a 13.x version. You may consult this knowledge base article for details on how to set the MAXAllowedVersion.

If you have any questions about this update, please contact our support team

Watch a webinar recording about v14 or sign up to an upcoming webinar:

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