GFI MAX RemoteManagement – Dashboard v5.42.5 and Agent v9.5.5 (GA) Release

Hi Everyone,

I’m pleased to announce that Dashboard v5.42.5 and Agent v9.5.5 are being released overnight, so that they will be available in advance of the working day tomorrow, Tuesday 6th of May. With this release, Agent v.9.5.5 replaces Agent v.9.4.0 as the production agent on GA and becomes available for auto-update.

I’m also delighted to mention that we are adding 250 new SNMP checks to our SNMP checks library, for vendors such as Dell, Intel and Fujitsu Siemens and covering devices such as RAID disks and NAS boxes. Full details of the new SNMP checks will be available from the help file (look for the “System SNMP” page in the “SNMP Check” section).

In addition, the help file now also offers a special script check that allows customers to monitor for agent installs of other RMM vendors, offering a heads-up for potential competitor activity within your customer base. Please refer to the “Script Check” section under “24×7 Checks” in the help file for details.

Full release notes for Dashboard v5.42.5 and Agent v9.5.5 (GA) are below. The accompanying release video is here.



Brian Mackie
Product Manager @ GFI MAX


Summary for Service Release, Monday 5 May 2014:

  • Service Release focused on systems performance and minor feature updates
  • 250 new SNMP Checks added; CART update
  • Dashboard v5.42.5, Agent v9.5.5 becomes GA


Dashboard v5.42.5

  • UPDATE: CART definitions updated to version 597
  • UPDATE: 250 new SNMP Checks for vendors including Dell, Intel, Fujitsu Siemens, Fortinet


Agent v9.5.5 GA – includes all the Release Notes over and above current production Agent v9.4.0

  • UPDATE: Support WSUS check with .NET 3.5 and 4.5
  • BUGFIX: Extend Backup Check for Symantec System Recovery to cover additional event codes indicating success
  • BUGFIX: Correct a UI glitch in the Backup Check dialog for Symantec products which would remove explanatory texts for additional options checkbox
  • BUGFIX: Support updated Engine B in G Data 2014 in Antivirus update check

Agent v9.5.4 RC

  • FEATURE: Add support for Mozy Backup to backup check
  • BUGFIX: Correct escaping of ampersand characters in the System Tray Application for the local file option
  • BUGFIX: Prevent Exchange Store 2007 (or later) script returning “not found” due to conversion errors

Agent v9.5.3 RC

  • FEATURE: Add support for GFI MAX Backup to Backup Check
  • BUGFIX: Fix an issue that could cause the Agent to hang when detecting Exchange stores
  • BUGFIX: Improve robustness of Veeam Backup check
  • BUGFIX: Fix issues when Asset Tracking would mis-report installed memory due to missing hardware IDs
  • BUGFIX: Ensure agent detects Windows 8.1/Server 2012 R2 correctly

Agent v9.5.2 RC

  • UPDATE: Update Take Control to TeamViewer 9.0.25942
  • UPDATE: Adds the device name to the session window (restart of service or machine required)
  • UPDATE: Prevents automatic updates of TeamViewer module
  • UPDATE: Prevents prompt that updates for TeamViewer module are available
  • UPDATE: In Bandwidth Monitoring Check, ensure display bandwidth speeds conform to SI standards
  • BUGFIX: add Microsoft Hyper-V 00:15:5D prefix to list of MAC addresses recognised as virtual machines by agent
  • BUGFIX: Ensure WinRAR 64bit/LFM and others detected by asset scan

Agent v9.5.1 RC

  • BUGFIX: Ensure Veeam backup software is properly detected

Agent v9.5.0 RC

  • UPDATE: Add support for “Webroot SecureAnywhere” to Antivirus update check
  • UPDATE: Add support for “VIPRE Internet Security 2014” and “VIPRE Antivirus 2014” to Antivirus update check
  • UPDATE: Reduce time required to display process list when starting Remote Process Control session
  • BUGFIX: In Remote Service Control, restrict modification of start-up type to only those Services that are also permitted by the native Service Control manager
  • BUGFIX: Improve accuracy of reported CPU usage in Remote Service Control
  • BUGFIX: In Remote Service Control, do not change start-up type to “Automatic” when attempting to change start-up type to “Automated (delayed start)” on a service that does not support it
  • BUGFIX: Allow pausing, resuming and restarting of running but disabled services in Remote Service Control
  • BUGFIX: Ensure the Backup check reports back successfully on “Symantec Backup Exec 12”
  • BUGFIX: Ensure correct identification of the MAK license key
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