GFI MAX RemoteManagement – Dashboard v5.42.1 and Agent v9.5.3 (RC) Release

Hi Everyone,

I’m pleased to announce that Dashboard v5.42.1 and Agent v9.5.3 (RC) are being released overnight, so that they will be available in advance of the working day tomorrow, Friday 21st of March.

This is a routine Service Release focused on systems performance, feature enhancements and bug fixes. It includes a security enhancement to the password policy, which for new passwords going forward requires a minimum of 8 characters, a mix of upper and lower case letters, and a number.

In addition, the self-service seed loading option for Managed Online Backup is now available from the Edit Device dialog screen, and there is an update to the Patch Management API to include the patch release date.

Full release notes for Dashboard v5.42.1 and Agent v9.5.3 (RC) are below. 

Summary for Service Release, Thursday 20th March 2014:

  • Service Release focused on systems performance, minor feature updates and bug fixes
  • Includes password policy security enhancement
  • Dashboard v5.42.1
  • Agent v9.5.3 (RC)

Dashboard v5.42.1

UPDATE: Increase minimum password length to 8 characters for new passwords
UPDATE: For Managed Online Backup, show the self-service seed loading option alongside the existing seed loading option
UPDATE: Add patch release date data to a patch_list_all API call
UPDATE: Improve performance of Take Control connection report
BUGFIX: Ensure Asset Tracking loads for standard users
BUGFIX: Ensure workstation auto-removal works correctly
BUGFIX: Ensure Managed Online Backup Session Report dates are shown correctly
BUGFIX: Correct spelling errors in US English
BUGFIX: Resolve re-direction issue to help pages issue for IE browser
BUGFIX: Ensure ‘Integrated PSA’ column shows for ConnectWise or Autotask on the Account Inventory Report
BUGFIX: Ensure the Account Inventory Report lists the correct number of users
BUGFIX: Resolve an issue that could allow MSP to view some cached information for other Office365 accounts in App Control 

Agent v9.5.3 Release Candidate

FEATURE: Add support for GFI MAX Backup to Backup Check
BUGFIX: Fix an issue that could cause the Agent to hang when detecting Exchange stores
BUGFIX: Improve robustness of Veeam Backup check
BUGFIX: Fix issues when Asset Tracking would mis-report installed memory due to missing hardware IDs
BUGFIX: Ensure agent detects Windows 8.1/Server 2012 R2 correctly

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