GFI MAX RemoteManagement – Managed Antivirus – Resolved

Hi Everyone,

The problem reported earlier today where the Dashboard would report that Managed Antivirus required a reboot to complete uninstallation for some customers in mainland Europe (including Netherlands and Scandanavia) has now been resolved. Full details of the incident are as follows.Approximately midday on Saturday 4th January there was a maintenance window to replace the battery in a RAID controller card on one of the servers that processes MAV uploads for Europe. This was designed to be non-obtrusive as the server was removed from the pool that process MAV uploads in advance of the maintenance window.

Unfortunately, after the maintenance was complete, a mistake (human error) was made adding the server back to the pool that processes MAV uploads. This would intermittently prevent cause MAV to be uninstalled (it would likely be reinstalled on next 24×7 cycle).

The misconfiguration was resolved around midday today. Regrettably a small number of devices on which MAV was uninstalled and then subsequently reinstalled may require one or (in a small number of cases) two reboots to complete the uninstallation and reinstallaton. This is extremely unfortunate and we apologize for any inconvenience this cases you and your clients.

We are reviewing our procedures and internal training for such necessary maintenance activities in the future.


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