Dashboard v5.39 and Agent v9.2.2 – MDM Beta 2 and more…

Hi Everyone,

I am pleased to announce that Dashboard v5.39 and Agent v9.2.2 are being released overnight, so that they will be available in advance of the working day tomorrow, Tuesday 5th November. This update introduces a couple of key features:

– Mobile Device Management Beta 2: Support for iOS mobile devices, much-improved battery performance on Android, and more

– Remote Process Control GA release: This feature, which offers a view of live processes running on Windows machines, is now available on GA

This latest Beta release of Mobile Device Management marks a significant step forward for MDM on the GFI MAX RemoteManagement platform, with the two most popular operating systems now supported, across both Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Company Owned Device (COD) policies.

Release candidate Agent 9.3.0 is expected later this week, which will update Managed Online Backup (MOB) to use the latest IASO 2013 version with support for Exchange 2013 and improved VMware handling.

Agent v9.2.2 replaces Agent v9.1.2 as the current production agent. Full release notes are below.

Product Manager @ GFI MAX

Dashboard v5.39

Mobile Device Management Beta2

  • FEATURE: Mobile Device Management for devices running iOS 5+
  • FEATURE: View basic iOS mobile device information including manufacturer, model and hardware details
  • FEATURE: Remotely wipe iOS devices
  • FEATURE: Remotely lock iOS devices
  • FEATURE: Clear Passcode on iOS devices
  • FEATURE: Provision iOS devices with Wi-Fi access
  • FEATURE: Provision iOS devices with IMAP and POP email accounts
  • FEATURE: Provision iOS devices with ActiveSync accounts
  • FEATURE: Enforce Passcode Policies on iOS devices
  • FEATURE: Configure VPN connections on iOS devices
  • FEATURE: Apply restrictions on iOS devices
  • FEATURE: View user installed apps on iOS devices
  • FEATURE: Easily add multiple mobile devices to Dashboard via CSV upload
  • UPDATE: Reduced battery consumption of MobileGuardian Android app
  • UPDATE: Remove ongoing notification icon from Android devices
  • UPDATE: Improve location efficiency by using Google Play Services when available
  • UPDATE: Show graphical breakdown of used and available storage on Android devices
  • UPDATE: Show custom branding during device activation
  • UPDATE: Use custom URL Shortener (nrol.us) for provisioning mobile devices to avoid rate limiting from third party vendors
  • BUGFIX: Ensure Mobile Device location time is the time of the reading and not when the data was received
  • BUGFIX: Ensure Mobile Device enabled features are lined up correctly in non-english Dashboards
  • BUGFIX: Do not show pointer cursor when hovering over Mobile Device Summary Tab

Managed Online Backup

  • UPDATE: Update Remote Backup Manager installers to latest version of IASO Backup Technology 2013 (for future compatibility with Agent v9.3.0 RC)

Miscellaneous Updates and Bug Fixes

  • UPDATE: Add link to show all devices when no results are found within current device list filter
  • UPDATE: Add button to clear current device list filter
  • UPDATE: Add link to setup automatic credit card payments in View Invoices dialog
  • BUGFIX: Allow spaces for datastore names in VMware ESXi – Datastore Free Space Script Check
  • BUGFIX: Increase width of device list filter to show full text in French language
  • BUGFIX: Ensure lengthy named script checks do not disturb Add Check dialog layout

Agent v9.2.2

  • BUGFIX: Allow Managed Antivirus to be installed alongside Windows Defender

Agent v9.2.1 Release Candidate

Remote Background Management

  • FEATURE: Remote Process Control
  • BUGFIX: Improved handling of non ASCII characters in Remote Command Line output
  • BUGFIX: Correctly handle redirection of system paths on 64 bit versions of Windows
  • BUGFIX: Strip any invalid binary characters returned in Remote Command Line output

Managed Antivirus

  • UPDATE: Automatically update definitions when Managed Antivirus update check fails
  • UPDATE: Update Managed Antivirus definitions when requested from Dashboard

Antivirus Products

  • UPDATE: Add support for “Bitdefender Security for Exchange” to Antivirus update check
  • UPDATE: Add support for “Bitdefender Security for Mail Servers” to Antivirus update check

Miscellaneous Updates and Bugfixes

  • BUGFIX: Correctly display product key for Windows 7 Professional devices
  • BUGFIX: Gracefully terminate persistent connection when device enters suspended state

Agent v9.2.0 Release Candidate

  • UPDATE: Add support for Veeam Backup & Recovery to Backup Check
  • UPDATE: Add support for Windows Defender to Antivirus Update Check
  • BUGFIX: Ensure CA ARCserve is always correctly detected
  • BUGFIX: Ensure devices do not go overdue while detecting Exchange Mailboxes
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