migration of AUS system instance


We are preparing to switch over to new server infrastructure for the Australian system instance. This will be done in the night from Monday 7th October to Tuesday 8th October. Work will be undertaken in the time from 00:00 AEDT/ 23:30 ACDT / 23:00 AEST / 13:00 UTC to 04:00 AEDT / 03:30 ACDT / 03:00 AEST / 17:00 UTC.

During this time, for a few periods of about 5 minutes each, the dashboard will be operating at reduced speed or be unavailable, and check processing and alerting will be suspended. We will be updating the DNS to point to new infrastructure which takes 5 minutes to propagate.

Most customers will not have to change anything for dashboard access or in terms of Agent configuration. Customers with restrictive firewalls or proxies will need to allow the following IP addresses for outgoing HTTP and HTTPS traffic:

Any change to the above or any issues during this time will be announced on this blog.

While we undertake this necessary work, we thank our customers in advance for their understanding.

With kind regards,

The GFI MAX Team

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