Delivery Issues with Office 365

9:30pm Pacific — Beginning earlier today, some customers hosting their email with Office 365 began experiencing inbound delivery issues.  Specifically, after the messages were filtered by GFI MAX MailProtection and delivered to Office 365, the Microsoft service begin forwarding the messages back to GFI rather than delivering those messages locally on the Microsoft Exchange servers.

As a temporary measure, our support team recommended that any customers experiencing this issue configure their destination mail server within GFI MAX MailProtection to deliver to a non-routable IP address (such as This would cause all inbound mail to safely queue on the GFI servers as the Microsoft team worked to resolve the issue.

As of approximately 9 PM Pacific, Microsoft reported that the issue had been resolved “by disabling the incorrect tenant configuration” within Office 365 for the affected customers.

If there are any mutual MAX MailProtection and Office 365 customers that are still experiencing an issue with inbound delivery not being accepted by Office 365, please contact our support team and we will follow up with Microsoft; we would also encourage any affected customers to also contact Microsoft technical support as the fix needs to be implemented within Office 365.  As of this time, we are not aware of any customers that are still affected by the issue.


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