Dashboard v5.37 and MDM Beta1 – Scheduled Release

Hi everybody,

I am very pleased to announce that Dashboard v5.37 and MDM Beta1 is now ready for deployment and will be available in all territories before the start of business tomorrow, 20th September 2013.

Apologies for the delay and thank you for your patience. As always, we are dedicated to only shipping software that we have full confidence in and unfortunately there were just too many last minute issues this time. They have now been resolved, subjected to rigorous testing and everything is working as it should.

If you have any feedback in regards to MDM, good or bad, please let us know by posting in the Mobile Device Management forum.

Release notes as follows:

Dashboard v5.37

Mobile Device Management Beta1

FEATURE: Mobile Device Management for devices running Android 2.2+
FEATURE: View basic device information including manufacturer, model and hardware details
FEATURE: Remotely wipe device
FEATURE: Remotely lock device
FEATURE: Set device passcode
FEATURE: Clear device passcode
FEATURE: View mobile data usage
FEATURE: View call history
FEATURE: View message history
FEATURE: View installed apps
FEATURE: Locate device
Dashboard UI Improvements

UPDATE: Combine Servers, Workstations and Mobile devices in tabs within “Monitoring and Management” section in the main window
UPDATE: Choose which problem devices cause clients and sites to be highlighted red and shown at the top of the tree
UPDATE: Filter devices at a client or site by problem type
UPDATE: Remember last used problem filter within tab
UPDATE: Display 50 devices per page in device lists
UPDATE: Minimize and maximize bottom pane in main window
UPDATE: Move infrequently used controls (e.g. “Show Alert Options”) to “View” Menu


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