GFI MAX RemoteManagement – Dashboard v5.36 and Agent v9.1 RC – Remote Command Line

Hi Everyone,

I am pleased to announce that we are currently in the process of making Dashboard v5.36 and Agent v9.1 available on Release Candidate in all territories (so that they are available before start of working day Wednesday 21st August). Agent v9.1.0 replaces Agent v9.0.1 as the current Release Candidate with Agent v8.18.6 remaining as the current production Agent.

Building upon the persistent connection mechanism introduced in Agent v9.0, these releases deliver Remote Command Line, the first function of our new Remote Background Management feature (and the most voted for idea on IdeaScale).

To start using Remote Background Management:

1. Double click on the server or workstation and update to Agent 9.1 RC. For those devices with Agent v9.0 RC installed, you can immediately force the update of the Agent by right-clicking on the device in Dashboard and selecting Re-run Checks.

2. From Settings Menu, enable Remote Background Management for the required devices. Note that only those devices with Agent v9.1 RC installed will download the feature and again this can be forced on Agent v9.0 or above by selecting Re-run Checks.

3. To initiate a Remote Command Line session, right-click on the device in the Dashboard and select Remote Background (entering your Dashboard password if requred). Run the commands required and click Exit to close the session when finished.

Further information can be found in the Quick Start Guide and we have also compiled some Example Commands, which may be of use. All of this information will be added to the Help System over the coming days, but can be download from the following locations in the meantime.

Remote Background Management is provided free of charge while on Release Candidate in August. Assuming a successful Release Candidate phase, Remote Background Management will be made available for auto-update from Dashboard at the start of September and become chargeable as of 1st September, appearing in 30th September Invoices and Usage Reports. Remote Background Management will be included in the existing RMM Price Cap – please contact your account manager for full details of pricing.

The full release notes for Dashboard v5.36 and Agent v9.1 RC are as follows. Please note that Dashboard v5.36 also includes links to (as well as shortcuts to search for more information on Microsoft Technet, Google, Bing and Yahoo).


Dashboard v5.36

  • FEATURE: Remote Background Management with Remote Command Line functionality (requires Agent v9.1.0 RC or above)
  • FEATURE: Provide links to, Microsoft TechNet and common search engines in More Information dialogs of Event Log Check and Critical Events Check as well as Critical Events Report
  • UPDATE: CART Definitions updated to version 517
  • UPDATE: Show pop-up box when double clicking items in Managed Antivirus Quarantine so that path and file name can be copied to clipboard
  • BUGFIX: Ensure “GFI Business Agent” and “Sunbelt Enterprise Agent” definition versions are correctly displayed in Antivirus Protection Report
  • BUGFIX: When adding a Backup Check to a device only list Backup products that are supported by the version of the Agent installed on that device
  • BUGFIX: Ensure any command line arguments are copied when adding Script Checks from an Installation Template

Agent v9.1.0 Release Candidate

  • FEATURE: Remote Background Management with Remote Command Line functionality
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