GFI MAX RemoteManagement Agent v8.18.5 and Dashboard v5.34.6 maintenance releases


To address reported issues with Take Control / TeamViewer, we have released the following maintenance releases to the US instance this morning and will make it available to all remaining territories out of business hours tonight.

The release notes are as follows:

Agent v8.18.5 Release Candidate

  • UPDATE: Update Take Control to TeamViewer v8.0.19617
  • BUGFIX: Resolve intermittent problems installing Take Control on Windows 2003 and 2008

Dashboard v5.34.6

  • UPDATE: Update Take Control Viewer to TeamViewer 8.0.19617
  • BUGFIX: Resolve problems initiating Take Control sessions from Windows 8

To take advantage of this new version, download and install the Take Control Viewer from the menu Remote Access / Download Take Control Viewer.

With kind regards,

The GFI MAX Team

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