GFI MAX RemoteManagement Dashboard 5.34.3 and Agent 8.18.3 RC maintenance releases


We will be releasing GFI MAX RM Dashboard 5.34.3 and Agent 8.18.3 RC overnight to all territories so that it is available for start of business tomorrow 2013-06-14. These maintenance release contain a number of much requested fixes. The full release notes are as follows:

Dashboard v5.34.3

  • FEATURE: Add OS Install Date to Asset Tracking and its reports (requires Agent v8.18.3 RC)
  • UPDATE: “Business Tips”, previously known as “Resource Centre”, now available to trial accounts after activation of three agents
  • BUGFIX: Allow user to add strings to predefined SNMP check expected values
  • BUGFIX: Disallow whitespace as input in TCP and web page checks
  • BUGFIX: Ensure automatic invoice payment can be disabled in dashboard when payment instrument has already expired
  • BUGFIX: Ensure PSA Autotask ticket URLs open in the correct instance
  • BUGFIX: Ensure Active Directory Report field settings are not reset to defaults
  • BUGFIX: Correct UI overlap in Site Installation Package generation dialog in Portuguese/Spanish
  • BUGFIX: Ensure Critical Event Log Check exclusions can be applied
  • BUGFIX: Only append ellipses (…) to critical event texts when it was actually cut off
  • BUGFIX: Improve field validation in Edit E-mail template dialog

Agent v8.18.3 Release Candidate

  • FEATURE: Include operating system installation date in asset tracking
  • BUGFIX: Ensure Exchange size check correctly subtracts whitespace reported in Event with ID 1221
  • BUGFIX: Ensure event log check always applies custom exclusions
  • BUGFIX: Ensure script check output is of reasonable length before uploading to server
  • BUGFIX: Ensure all versions of Internet Explorer are detected in asset tracking

With kind regards,

The GFI MAX Team

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