GFI MAX RemoteManagement Dashboard 5.34.1


The GFI MAX RemoteManagement Dashboard 5.34.1 is being released out of hours to all territories so that it is available for start of business Friday 24 May 2013 local time. It contains corrections for issues flagged up by both internal testing and customers. The release notes are as follows:

Dashboard v5.34.1

  • UPDATE: CART Definitions updated to version 500
  • BUGFIX: Prevent multiple checks from being added to an installation template if OK button is clicked more than once
  • BUGFIX: Improve stability of price breakdown report for large numbers of servers and workstations
  • BUGFIX: Ensure submit button is always visible in automatic invoice payment dialog
  • BUGFIX: When deleting critical events exclusions for a server or workstation, ensure dropdown is always visible
  • BUGFIX: Make German translation of “outage” and “uptime report” in monthly reports more clear
  • BUGFIX: Ensure help text is not cut off in French when editing Event Log checks
  • BUGFIX: Ensure the Alert Route Settings dialog can be loaded in case some alert routes are not defined
  • BUGFIX: Sort customers by name in Alert Settings Dialog
  • BUGFIX: Ensure default alert settings are retained in Alert Settings Dialog when selecting Default settings from dropdown
  • BUGFIX: Wallchart opened from embedded dashboard will now automatically open in embedded view
  • BUGFIX: In Multiple Actions Dialog for Patch Management, change text displayed for Non-Windows devices to “Operating system is not supported.”
  • BUGFIX: Ensure Store Control (Exchange 2007 or Later) automated task script can handle store names containing numbers

With kind regards,
The GFI MAX Team

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