GFI MAX RemoteManagement – Agent v8.18.0 Release Candidate

Hi Everyone,

Agent v8.18.0 will be made available on release candidate overnight so that it is available before start of working day, Tuesday 14th May. This updates Managed Antivirus to VIPRE 6.2, which contains a number of improvements and bug fixes designed to improve the overall function, performance, and stability of the VIPRE agent software. There are significant performance improvements to the Active Protection technology, ensuring that VIPRE remains light on system resources and does not interfere with end-users. VIPRE’s advanced anti-rootkit technology has been re-engineered to handle even the hardest-to-detect malware.

VIPRE 6.2 has also eliminated the need to reboot after installing the VIPRE agent on Vista SP1+, Windows 7, Server 2008 and Server 2012 platforms. In addition, VIPRE 6.2 is now Certified for Windows 8 and Windows 2012. A lot of hard work has been put into improving both the detections and performance, and this has been reflected in the fact that VIPRE 6.2 has just been awarded a Virus Bulletin VB100 Award for April 2013, having very little impact on the computer, while still protecting the computer from malware.

Agent v8.18.0 also contains some changes to the CART workflow designed to minimize the risk of Managed Antivirus being installed alongside another Antivirus product (the version of which is not detected by CART for example). Full release notes are:

  • UPDATE: Update Managed Antivirus to VIPRE 6.2 (build 6.2.5524) for improved performance and stability. Anti-rootkit technology has also been re-engineered to improve malware detection rates
  • UPDATE: Reduce the likelihood of Managed Antivirus being installed alongside an another Antivirus product (that is not detected by CART)
  • UPDATE: Automatically remove Antivirus Update Checks and Windows Service Checks for Antivirus products removed by CART
  • BUGFIX: Ensure that “Product Not Found” error message is displayed when appropriate for all Antivirus Checks
  • BUGFIX: Ensure event driven Automated Tasks configured to run when SNMP Check fails run correctly
  • BUGFIX: Increase width of SNMP Check Combo Box so that full check description can be displayed
  • BUGFIX: Ensure that Program Compatability Agent is not shown on cancelled installation
  • BUGFIX: Prevent Agent GUI from becoming unresponsive when testing connection

With kind regards,
The GFI MAX Team.

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