GFI MAX RemoteManagement Dashboard v5.32.2

Hi everyone,

We will be releasing Dashboard v5.32.2 tonight so that it is available for the start of business tomorrow, 4th April. The focus of this update is to resolve several issues with Script Checks and Automated Tasks. There is still one other issue that requires an update to the Advanced Monitoring Agent and this will be released shortly along with an updated version of TakeControl. Release notes as follows:

Dashboard v5.32.2

  • UPDATE: Report when Exchange is not installed on device when running Exchange related scripts
  • UPDATE: Treat “Unknown” Health State of VMWare ESXi Health Scripts as “OK”
  • BUGFIX: Ensure incomplete CIM information from hardware vendors do not prevent the successful execution and reporting of VMWare ESXi Health scripts
  • BUGFIX: Correctly parse and render output from VMWare ESXi Health scripts
  • BUGFIX: Support dynamic queues in Exchange Queue scripts
  • BUGFIX: Ensure PowerShell Scripts are backwards compatible with PowerShell v1.0
  • BUGFIX: Preserve the integrity of the Dashboard layout by preventing the rendering of HTML elements in user defined script output
  • BUGFIX: Correctly report statuses of Running Process Check
  • BUGFIX: Ensure script output is formatted correctly
  • BUGFIX: Ensure script errors are formatted correctly

Please note, there is a known issue with running PowerShell scripts on PowerShell v1.0 caused by attempting to set the ExecutionPolicy for duration of the script execution. This will be fixed in a future update to the Advanced Monitoring Agent.



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