GFI MAX RemoteManagement Agent 8.16.4


We are currently releasing Agent v8.16.4. This makes the System Tray application, several improvements to the reliability of Patch Management and automatic removal of competitive Antivirus products when deploying Managed Antivirus available via auto update. This replaces Agent v8.15.3 as the current production General Availability Agent.

The full release notes are as follows:

Agent v8.16.4

  • BUGFIX: Prevent fatal error when installing on Windows 2000
  • BUGFIX: Do not attempt to install the System Tray application on Windows 2000 as it is incompatible

Agent v8.16.3 Release Candidate

  • BUGFIX: Ensure backup status can be determined regardless of the user’s time zone
  • BUGFIX: Ensure invalid characters do not appear in ManagedOB section of the settings.ini file

Agent v8.16.2 Release Candidate

  • UPDATE: Use substitution strings in System Tray application labels and tooltip
  • UPDATE: Expand system environment variables in System Tray application labels, tooltip and settings
  • UPDATE: Support for System Tray application “Text” menu option
  • UPDATE: Support for System Tray application “Local File” menu option
  • UPDATE: Support for multiple System Tray application pre-set icons
  • BUGFIX: Correctly limit time period when running the Event Log Check immediately after a reboot
  • BUGFIX: Ensure LANGuard attempts to connect directly to the Internet when configured proxy is unavailable
  • BUGFIX: Check that LANGuard service is running before performing Vulnerability Scans or Patch Remediation
  • BUGFIX: Ensure old proxy settings are removed from LANGuard
  • BUGFIX: Correctly display “&” in System Tray application tooltip

Agent v8.16.1 Release Candidate

  • FEATURE: Self-service System Tray application for end users
  • FEATURE: Automatically remove competitive Antivirus products when deploying Managed Antivirus
  • UPDATE: Detect whether Managed Antivirus Agent requires reboot upon installation
  • UPDATE: Automatically reboot device when deploying Managed Antivirus
  • BUGFIX: Ensure Site Concentrator can be installed in all circumstances
  • BUGFIX: Correctly detect Acronis Backup & Recovery v11.5 build v11.5.32308

Agent v8.16.0 Release Candidate

  • FEATURE: Support Seed Loading for Managed Online Backup
  • UPDATE: Managed Online Backup updated to IASO Backup Technology 2012 (
  • UPDATE: Allow default 4 second timeout for SNMP queries to be increased to upto 10 seconds in Agent settings.ini
  • UPDATE: Add support for Kaspersky Antivirus 2013 to Antivirus Update Check
  • BUGFIX: Correctly report “No Such Object” in Dashboard if SNMP query for supplied OID returns “NoSuchVar”
  • BUGFIX: Use current user’s regional settings to interpret date and time information generated by the Acronis Command Line Tool
  • BUGFIX: Correctly parse output from the Acronis Command Line Tool in all supported languages
  • BUGFIX: Recognise additional Event ID 4106 for Microsoft Backup Check on Windows 7
  • BUGFIX: Ensure event exclusions are applied to Event Log Check in all cases

With kind regards,
The GFI MAX Team

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