GFI MAX RemoteManagement Dashboard 5.31.3


The GFI MAX RemoteManagement Dashboard 5.31.3 is being released out of hours to all territories so that is is available for start of business Wednesday 20 February 2013 local time. It contains a fair number of updates to features and corrections for issues flagged up by both internal testing and customers. The release notes are as follows:

Dashboard v5.31.3

Managed Online Backup

  • UPDATE: Seed Loading is now accepted from devices with 100GB data and above to backup
  • BUGFIX: Ensure client list in Managed Online Backup Selection Report is ordered alphabetically
  • BUGFIX: Ensure that More Info Dialog of Backup Check for Managed Online Backup shows session times in the agent time zone to match Backup tab
  • BUGFIX: When changing to another device while the backup tab is shown, mark first (latest) backup session as selected
  • BUGFIX: Ensure outages are created when backup checks go from soft fail to hard fail
  • BUGFIX: Ensure help link in Managed Online Backup Selected Size check is does not overflow group border in Internet Explorer

Managed Antivirus

  • BUGFIX: In “Add Exception” dialog of Managed Antivirus, handle backslashes in paths correctly
  • BUGFIX: Add report title to Managed Antivirus Quarantine Report window
  • BUGFIX: In Settings / Managed Antivirus / Protection Policy / Edit / General, ensure box for “No communication from Managed Antivirus Agent” is fully visible in Spanish
  • BUGFIX: When deactivating Managed Antivirus for a device, only show warning about loosing items in quarantine if there are any items in the quarantine

Patch Management

  • BUGFIX: Add Vulnerability Check to Device inventory report
  • BUGFIX: In Patch Overview Report dialog, require at least one option to be selected and issue a warning otherwise

Linux Monitoring Agent

  • BUGFIX: Ensure Process check for Linux Agent is only be available as a 24×7 check
  • BUGFIX: Ensure problem summary counts for Linux Agent are correct

Automated Tasks

  • BUGFIX: For event driven Automated Tasks triggered by a failing SNMP check, ensure entered OID is saved and applied correctly
  • BUGFIX: For event driven Automated Tasks triggered by a failing Web page check, ensure entered check parameters are saved and applied correctly
  • BUGFIX: Add scrollbar to south panel when viewing Site Managed Automated Tasks
  • BUGFIX: Extend maximum parameter length in Script Checks and Automated Tasks to prevent truncation

Miscellaneous Updates and Bugfixes

  • FEATURE: CSV output format for invoices and usage reports (from 28th February 2013 onwards) in Dashboard
  • UPDATE: Require password confirmation for deleting dashboard users
  • UPDATE: Require password confirmation for cancelling pending actions
  • UPDATE: Add pending install actions for Patch Management and System Tray App to pending actions dialog
  • BUGFIX: Ensure removed devices are billed for correctly if removal is recorded twice
  • BUGFIX: Do not allow saving of empty User Defined Asset Tracking Fields in PSA configuration
  • BUGFIX: Correct character encoding in (Re)send Client Report dialogs
  • BUGFIX: Ensure only compatible checks are available in Checks menu immediately after Check deletion
  • BUGFIX: Prevent rendering error when double-clicking “Add to exclusion list” buttons within Critical Event Checks’ More information dialogs
  • BUGFIX: Display number of events found correctly in Critical Event Checks’ More information dialogs
  • BUGFIX: Improve responsiveness of opening dialogs and prevent double-loading glitches
  • BUGFIX: Enable basic menu items when selecting the device menu of a device running an old Agent version
  • BUGFIX: Ensure that TCP check results are printed with hostname and portnumber in sequence in grid
  • BUGFIX: Ensure that the text “Click here for help setting up the…” is localised correctly
  • BUGFIX: Ensure Client Monthly Report PDFs can be generated if patch names contain apostrophes
  • BUGFIX: Ensure Notes Report options are completely visible in French
  • BUGFIX: French language Translation issue on “Loading”
  • BUGFIX: Remove scrollbar in General Settings / Security dialog
  • BUGFIX: Report dates and times in log file check formatted to local conventions
  • BUGFIX: After switching between Server, Workstation and Asset tracking views, ensure dashboard navigation tree and grid view is always refreshed correctly
  • BUGFIX: Ensure Take Control button is hidden in view-only dashboard access
  • BUGFIX: Ensure Workstations running a Server agent generate installation templates for servers
  • BUGFIX: When moving devices between sites, ensure warning dialogs are shown in Internet Explorer 8
  • BUGFIX: Show Dashboard and five minute monitoring charges in Price Breakdown report
  • BUGFIX: Allowing Dashboard to correctly save working Office Days in Italian
  • BUGFIX: Remove broken vendor links in Patch Management tab when no URL is supplied
  • BUGFIX: Prevent read-only Monitoring Installation Templates from being editable
  • BUGFIX: Correct alignment and formatting of Agent auto-update settings dialog in Internet Explorer
  • BUGFIX: Ensure multiple clicks on device does not affect further dashboard interactions

With kind regards,
The GFI MAX Team

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