Dashboard 5.28


we will release Dashboard 5.28 to all territories overnight so that it is available for start of business tomorrow Wednesday 10 October 2012.

The full release notes are as follows:

Editing multiple checks

  • UPDATE: When editing multiple checks, a checkbox is now available to also change the alert settings for the selected checks
  • BUGFIX: When editing multiple File Size Checks, ensure all exclusions are retained
  • BUGFIX: When editing multiple checks, populate all common options

PSA integration

  • UPDATE: Improve Auto-Map performance by reusing existing PSA cache
  • BUGFIX: Maintain previously set Client and Device mappings when PSA Auto-Map times-out or is cancelled
  • BUGFIX: Do not re-open closed PSA tickets when a previously cleared Check passes
  • BUGFIX: Correct handling of time zones for due dates in Autotask tickets

Managed Online Backup

  • BUGFIX: Include deleted clients in filter drop-down list for the Managed Online Backup Session History and Selection Reports
  • BUGFIX: Ensure “Use another Storage Account” can be selected for Managed Online Backup when logging into dashboard using the Primary Access Key

Miscellaneous Updates and Bugfixes

  • UPDATE: Update list of available placeholders for the “From” field in e-mail templates
  • UPDATE: Added placeholders #SITE#, #DEVICE# and #ERRMSG# dropdown list for Patch Management Failed and Workstation Alert e-mail
  • UPDATE: When using HTTPS to login to the Dashboard, do not allow the cookie to be sent over HTTP to prevent leaking of session information
  • UPDATE: Updates to German, French, Spanish and Italian translations for consistency and clarity
  • UPDATE: Show number of Servers and Workstations for each client in Price Breakdown Report
  • UPDATE: Update totals for devices when changing between Server and Workstation views
  • BUGFIX: Ensure Email alert is always sent when patches fail to install on a device
  • BUGFIX: In WSUS check, ensure all fail reasons are shown if multiple exists
  • BUGFIX: Allow superuser to delete notes that were created by users which have since been removed
  • BUGFIX: In Antivirus Protection Report, ensure the column “Monitored AV Product” remains visible when filtering by device
  • BUGFIX: Ensure specific alert recipient can be reset to default in Alert Settings dialog
  • BUGFIX: Correct validation of Email addresses in Alert Settings dialog
  • BUGFIX: Ensure Critical Events Settings dialogs resizes correctly in all browsers

With kind regards,
The GFI MAX Team

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