GFI MAX RemoteManagement Dashboard v5.27 and Agent v8.14.1 RC

Hi Everyone,

Dashboard v5.27 and Agent 8.14.1 RC are currently in the process of being released to all territories and will be available before the start of business Friday, 14th September.

Collectively, these releases update Patch Management to use LANguard 2012 and add support for ALL Microsoft updates (i.e. including non-security updates) to Patch Management and usability improvements to behaviour when remediation schedule is missed. Dashboard v5.27 also includes new Managed Online Backup Selection Report (which replaces the Storage Report and Compression Report) and shows costs under the new pricing structure. The release of Beta2 of the Linux Monitoring Agent has been delayed and so we will make Beta1 available on both SUSE (SUSE, openSUSE) and Debian (Debian, Ubuntu) families of distributions overnight.

Full release notes are as follows:

Dashboard v5.27

Patch Management

  • UPDATE: Add option to Install Patches Later dialog to specify whether patch installation proceeds if remediation schedule was missed (requires Agent 8.14.1 RC)
  • UPDATE: Add option to Patch Management settings dialog to specify whether patch installation proceeds if remediation schedule was missed (requires Agent 8.14.1 RC)
  • UPDATE: Add option to Patch Management settings dialog to auto-approve patches with no specified severity
  • UPDATE: Improve performance of Patch Overview Report when running for “All Clients”
  • BUGFIX: Do not show a device as having Patches Pending if Patch Management has been turned off

Managed Online Backup

  • FEATURE: Managed Online Backup Selection Report
  • FEATURE: Managed Online Backup Session History Report
  • UPDATE: Remove Managed Online Backup Compression Report
  • UPDATE: Remove Managed Online Backup Storage Report

Managed Antivirus

  • UPDATE: Improve performance when adding a threat to and deleting or releasing a threat from Managed Antivirus quarantine
  • UPDATE: Enable updating threat and trace counts in Managed Antivirus Check devices running Managed Antivirus (revert change from Dashboard v5.26.3)
  • UPDATE: Limit the number of scans displayed in Managed Antivirus Scans tab to the last 1,000 entries (in last sixty days)
  • UPDATE: Limit the number of quarantine items displayed in Managed Antivirus Quarantine tab to the last 1,000 entries
  • BUGFIX: Indicate on Wallchart when a device requires a reboot due to Managed Antivirus
  • BUGFIX: Display Managed Antivirus Check on the Wallchart

Asset Tracking

  • BUGFIX: Do not display removed devices in Asset Tracking reports and data dump
  • BUGFIX: Remove uninstalled software from Asset Tracking data dump
  • BUGFIX: Do not include previous installations when displaying number of Installed Copies in Asset Tracking Licensed Software View

Miscellaneous Updates and Bugfixes

  • UPDATE: Change icon for Windows operating system to Microsoft’s new logo
  • UPDATE: Support new #CONTENT_BACKUP_CHECK_BASIC# placeholder in Client Weekly Report
  • UPDATE: Allow State to be edited in General Settings dialog when “United States” or “Canada” is the selected country
  • BUGFIX: Set Reboot action as failed if device does not reboot within 30 minutes of the specified reboot time
  • BUGFIX: Correctly apply changes when modifying existing mapping in PSA Entity Mappings dialog
  • BUGFIX: Do not display device notes in Notes tab after “days to show” threshold is exceeded
  • BUGFIX: Include user details in Audit Report when Agent Auto Update settings are changed
  • BUGFIX: Ensure all previously deleted users can be recreated from the Users dialog
  • BUGFIX: Ensure correct device details are used when generating support tickets using “Request Help” from the Help menu
  • BUGFIX: Correctly populate client drop down in Alert Settings dialog when no default Alert Settings have been specified
  • BUGFIX: Do not allow negative numbers when specifying License Count on Edit Client dialog
  • BUGFIX: Correctly display disclaimer when adding Mail Queue Size Script Check in Internet Explorer
  • BUGFIX: Correctly position text on TCP Check, SNMP Check and WSUS Check dialogs in non-English languages
  • BUGFIX: Increase width of drop down when adding Critical Event Exclusions so that options are correctly displayed in French and German

Agent v8.14.1 Release Candidate

  • UPDATE: Update Patch Management to LANGuard 2012 build 11.0.2012.0717
  • UPDATE: Support ALL Microsoft updates (i.e. including non-security updates) in Patch Management
  • UPDATE: Use incremental differences when downloading non-Microsoft update definition databases
  • UPDATE: Download Microsoft update definition databases directly from
  • BUGFIX: Ensure default Site Installation Template is applied when Agent is deployed via Site Installation Package
  • BUGFIX: Improve reliability of accessing Windows performance counters (including when run in Hyper-V children)
  • UPDATE: Reduce resource usage and time taken to run Event Log checks
  • BUGFIX: Correct comparison of SNMP TimeTicks values in SNMP check
  • BUGFIX: Add support for SNMP TimeTicks values of format
  • BUGFIX: Remove redundant Managed Online Backup messages from debug log
  • BUGFIX: Restore -logfile argument to PowerShell scripts



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