GFI MAX RemoteManagement – Dashboard v5.26 – Recovery Alerts

Hi Everyone,

Dashboard v5.26 was released overnight on Thursday 23rd August and this adds Recovery Alerts for Servers (email and SMS) and Workstations (email) as well as a new Alert Settings dialog that allows alert settings to be applied to existing checks. The full release notes are as follows.

Dashboard v5.26

  • FEATURE: Recovery Alerts for Servers (email and SMS) and Workstations (email)
  • UPDATE: New Alert Settings dialog allows alert settings to be applied to existing checks
  • UPDATE: Restrict Delete Client and Delete Site operations to Superuser (and PAK) logins only
  • UPDATE: Restrict optin to use another storage account (to restore data from Managed Online Backup to a machine other than that from which the data was backed up) to Superuser (and PAK) logins only
  • BUGFIX: Ensure appropriate Managed Online Backup settings are always correctly applied
  • BUGFIX: Site Installation Package now works when proxy server configuration contains special characters
  • BUGFIX: Ensure events added to the Event Exclusion list are matched correctly when they contain spaces
  • BUGFIX: Ensure Asset Tracking hardware and software inventory is not duplicated when re-installing Agent
  • BUGFIX: Ensure laptops running server operating systems only appear in laptop category of Asset Tracking
  • BUGFIX: Do not return hardware inventory for Linux servers from API calls until this feature is supported
  • BUGFIX: Correctly identify device type when confirming the deletion of a Linux Server
  • BUGFIX: Ensure Last Boot Time is displayed correctly for Linux servers
  • BUGFIX: Remove Process Check from DSC Check menus
  • BUGFIX: Allow SNMP Check to be added as DSC on workstations
  • BUGFIX: Ensure predefined SNMP Checks are filtered by Vendor if selected
  • BUGFIX: Ensure More Information dialog for PING Check warns when check has been edited and not yet run on the device
  • BUGFIX: Use relative links in More Information dialog for WSUS Check to support the use of reverse proxy
  • BUGFIX: Use relative links for Bandwidth and Server Performance Monitoring reports to support the use of reverse proxy
  • BUGFIX: Always show passing monitoring checks in Client View Only Dashboard
  • BUGFIX: Show pending statuses for traces Released or Deleted from Managed Antivirus Quarantine
  • BUGFIX: Ensure traces pending release or deletion from Managed Antivirus Quarantine can be marked as Failed
  • BUGFIX: Allow alert settings for Managed Antivirus Check to be changed in Alert Settings dialog
  • BUGFIX: Ensure alert settings for individual devices can be changed back to ‘Same as Company’
  • BUGFIX: Allow Mail to and Cc to fields to be blank if Auto Send option is not selected for Client Monthly Reports
  • BUGFIX: Ensure Office Hours are saved correctly in General Settings dialog
  • BUGFIX: Enable access to PSA update ticket status API calls

The GFI MAX Team

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