Update on Inbound Mail Delays

The engineering team has taken numerous steps to resolve the inbound delays that were occurring primarily at the Texas datacenter.

Over the last two hours, our monitoring has shown message processing times in the normal range, and it is unlikely that new inbound messages are being delayed.  However, we do expect that over the next few hours some customers will receive delayed messages from earlier in the day.

Note that no messages should have been lost.  Also, all outbound messages, and all inbound messages sent through the European infrastructure, were unaffected.

While the engineering team has largely or fully mitigated the problems, we have not yet definitively identified the root cause, so we are continuing to investigate to determine any additional corrective steps that need to be taken.

We are also continuing to monitor the networks and systems, and preparing to migrate traffic to a different datacenter, should the issue recur.

We apologize for the issue and thank you for your patience.


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