Agent v8.13.1 Release Candidate

Agent v8.13.1 is in the process of being made available on Release Candidate to all territories with the following release note:

  • BUGFIX: Ensure Managed Online Backup can successfully backup and restore at all times after restarting backup service.

This replaces Agent v8.13.0 RC which was found to have a problem that could prevent Managed Online Backup completing backups (and restores) successfully. We would strongly recommend that any server or workstation running Advanced Monitoring Agent v8.13.0 RC and is using Managed Online Backup is updated to Agent v8.13.1 RC at the earliest possible convenience (from Dashboard, Edit Menu, Edit Server/Wkstn). We will be reaching out to those customers with one or more devices at risk to ensure they are aware of this issue.

We are currently reviewing our QA procedures for Managed Online Backup to minimize the chance of something like this occurring again.

In the meantime, please accept our apologies any inconvenience caused.

The GFI MAX Team.

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