GFI MAX RemoteManagement – AUS/NZ Instance – Maintenance – Thursday 23rd February – 1am to 3am EDT

Following the successful upgrade of our database software (MySQL) on our US System Instance, we are scheduling a maintenance window to implement the upgrade on our Aus/NZ system instance between:

10pm (Wed 22nd Feb) to 12am WST (Thur 23rd Feb)
1am to 3am EDT (Thur 23rd Feb)
3am to 5am NZDT (Thur 23rd Feb)

There will be two short interruptions to service towards the start and end of the maintenance window. It was originally hoped that we could complete this task with no downtime at all. However, in order to achieve this we would be introducing additional complexity and therefore risk and so it has been decided that two short periods of downtime, each of which should last no longer than a few minutes, is on balance the best approach. There should be no other impact as a result of this maintenance. The current frequency of maintenance windows is nothing for customers to be concerned about and is simply part of our plans to ensure we deliver the best customer experience possible.

The GFI MAX Team.

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