New IP addresses for MAX Mail

We are planning to begin use of a new datacenter in Frankfurt, Germany later this month for the GFI MAX Mail services. This datacenter will be used as a primary facility for European customers and as a secondary facility for customers in other regions.

If you have configured your firewall or mail server to accept inbound SMTP traffic only from our networks, you will need to update your firewall to add new IP addresses associated with this facility.  The new IP addresses are: / 24

(These addresses can also be written as / or as the range of through

These addresses should be in addition to the previously allowed IP addresses.

Please be sure to update your firewall between now and Thursday, September 22nd.

This change only affects customers who have configured their firewall to accept inbound SMTP traffic from our networks.  If you have similarly limited the LDAP and/or IMAP ports on your firewall to our networks, you should make similar changes for those ports.

If you have any questions regarding the new addresses or would like assistance with updating your firewall, please feel free to reach our support team.

Thanks for your help and attention.

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