US Dashboard Speed – Update

1530hrs EDT / 1430hrs CDT / 1230hrs PDT

We’ve tracked down the source of the problem to part of our system that generates Client Monthly Reports. This normally generates the XML and PDF report (and emails the PDF report where configured to do so) overnight prior to the start of the working day. However, for reasons we are yet to fully understand, this has taken significantly longer and was still running this morning impacting the speed of the Dashboard (and regrettably the sending of email alerts).

We have now suspended the generation of monthly reports in order to maximise Dashboard performance (our internal monitoring is showing this to have improved to near normal levels) to and ensure prompt sending of all email alerts (again, our internal monitoring is showing that delays will shortly be eradicated).

We will resume generation of the remaining Client Monthly Reports out of hours tonight. Regrettably, this means that for some customers, your monthly report will not be available until tomorrow and for all customers who have configured the report to be sent directly to your client, this will be a day late (arriving 3rd September as opposed to 2nd September).

We will then investigate why the generation of Client Monthly Reports has taken so much longer this month with a view to ensuring this does not happen again next month.

The GFI MAX Team.

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